The Clubhouse Journey

Our mission: The Clubhouse is a multi-disciplinary, integrated team of professionals who empower parents to enhance the lives of their family members. It is the mission of the Clubhouse to celebrate a client’s strengths while fortifying them in their areas of need.  We do this through partnership with the family.

Communication Clubhouse is the realization of a professional dream — a center where families can help their children grow with pride and confidence.  Founded by Susan Raad, M.A. CCC, a licensed Speech/Language Pathologist with over 35 years of experience, the Clubhouse embodies the philosophy that communication is the cornerstone of human interaction. As the mother of special needs children, founder Susan Raad knows it takes a joint effort, combining the talents of highly trained professionals and family members to guide children in reaching their potential.

Our Management Team

Susan M. Raad, M.A., CCC-SLP
Licensed Speech/Language Pathologist, Developmental Therapist

Susan Raad opened the Communication Clubhouse in 2002 to provide an integrated, family centered approach to addressing specialized therapeutic needs.  As the mother of children challenged by deafness, Susan sought to break the traditional mold in favor of a cohesive center which is highly focused on the family needs, education and support.  After a wonderful response from the suburban community, a second Clubhouse location was opened in 2006 in Chicago.

Nina Riedy, B.S., Public Relations and Marketing

Executive Director

Nina received her Bachelors Degree in Public Relations with an emphasis in Marketing from the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication in 2012.  Prior to joining our team, she served as the clinic manager for a pediatric therapy clinic in Phoenix, AZ for two years. She has a passion for working with children and our diverse clinical staff. In her free time, she enjoys golfing and working on DIY projects.

Christine R., B.S. Health Care Management
Clinic Manager – Downers Grove Site

Christine received a Bachelors Degree in Health Care Management from Southern Illinois University in 2008 and joined the Clubhouse in 2012. Her prior experience included Service Coordination in Early Intervetion and volunteer work in hospitals. She is an expert in collaborating with families to find the best Intervention team for their child. In addition to being the Clinic Manager of the Downers Grove site, Christine oversees billing operations.

Kelley C.
Clinic Manager – Chicago Site

Kelley received her Culinary Degree from Keiser University in Melbourne FL. Prior to joining our team, she worked as a Pastry Chef in Miami and was a Patient Relations Manager at a Geriatric Clinic in Chicago. She loves children and really enjoys watching them learn and grow. She loves traveling and exploring the world one weekend at a time.

Kathy K.
Office Manager/Receptionist

Kathy joined the Clubhouse in 2007, bringing 11 years experience in Customer Service.  She is the first person many people speak with when the call the Communication Clubhouse. Her friendly and outgoing personality welcomes our families every day. She is a key person to the overall and daily activities at the Clubhouse. Kathy’s most valuable asset is her smile. Kathy is always ready to accomplish anything and everything!

Clinical Oversight Team

Alexandra G., M.A., CCC-SLP
Lead Therapist; Chicago Manager of Clinical Affairs

Alex joined the Clubhouse in 2004. She received both her Bachelors and Masters degrees from Saint Louis University, one of the top rated graduate schools in the U.S. Alex’s areas of interest include childhood apraxia of speech, autism, articulation, and phonological speech disorders and picky eaters/feeding concerns. Alex is a credentialed early intervention evaluator. She also has extensive community service experience, working with many different cultures in a variety of settings. Alex serves as our Lead Therapist at the Chicago Site.

Mary S., MS, CCC-SLP
Lead Therapist; Chicago Site

Mary joined the Clubhouse in 2014. She earned her Masters degree from the Massachusetts General Hospital Institute of Health Professions, a top-ten graduate program with a nationally-recognized literacy specialization. Her primary areas of interest include dyslexia, articulation and phonological disorders, bilingual and bicultural services, expressive language delay, and health literacy. Mary has received training in evidence-based literacy programs including Wilson and Orton-Gillingham. She enjoys collaborating with families and teachers to support children’s communication in the home and school environments.

Amber H., M.S., CCC-SLP
Lead Therapist- Downers Grove; Clinical Operations Manager

Amber joined the Clubhouse in 2005 with a Masters Degree from Western Illinois University. She brings years of experience working with children and adults who have special needs. Her primary areas of interest include articulation and phonological disorders, fluency disorders, expressive/receptive language delay, and apraxia. She has spent a decade with the Clubhouse seeing clients in the public schools, the Center, Early Intervention and serves as the Clubhouse Clinical Specialist for School Diagnostics and internal operations.

Natalie L., MS, OTR/L
Occupational Therapy Department Lead

Natalie Loewe, MS, OTR/L, graduated from University of Illinois at Chicago with her MS in Occupational Therapy in  2002. She has over 10 years of experience in Early Intervention and joined the Clubhouse in 2008.  She has experience working with a wide variety of diagnoses from infancy through the teen years. Natalie has had the pleasure of mentoring fieldwork students and new graduates.  She frequently shares her extensive knowledge of Sensory Integration Dysfunction by doing professional presentations for community schools, parents,  CFC offices and other professionals.  Natalie also presents on the topics of  home programming and pediatric Aquatic Therapy. Natalie spends her free time playing with her own children, dancing, learning Tae Kwon Do, and exploring outdoor activities such as walks at the zoo and swimming. Natalie continues to pursue further education with numerous continuing education courses on various aspects of sensory integration and sensory integration dysfunction.

Kate G., M.S., CCC-SLP
Lead Therapist; Chicago Site

Kate joined the Clubhouse in 2008, after receiving her Masters degree from Gallaudet University. Kate’s areas of interest include sensorineural and conductive hearing loss, cochlear implants, and auditory processing disorders. Kate is fluent in American Sign Language and often works with children in Deaf families. Kate is passionate about working within both the home and school environments to help children with hearing loss achieve their fullest potential. Kate is also a credentialed early intervention evaluator.

Diagnostic Team

The Clubhouse is home to a multidisciplinary team to assess needs in a family centered environment. Families secure a full range of testing – all under one roof – and in the company of an integrated team who collaborate on both the clinical assessment and family recommendations. Families save time in scheduling while enjoying the enhanced quality of a team approach to their child’s needs. Diagnostic testing is available in the areas of speech, language, sensory, motor, cognitive and social/emotional growth.

Specialists in Hearing Loss

Our Aural Habilitation Services are led by Susan Raad. As a Licensed Speech/Language Pathologist and Developmental Therapist, Susan has specialized in pediatric hearing loss for the past 25 years. She brings a parent perspective as well as years of specialization in working with deaf and hard of hearing children. She is joined by Kate Gilliat, who oversees our clinical work with Deaf/HH kids in Chicago. Kate received her Masters in Speech/Language Pathology from the famed Gallaudet University.

The Clubhouse advocates for family choice by offering an array of options. We have a high degree of expertise in the areas of cochlear implants, cued speech, ASL and other signed communications, auditory oral approaches and auditory verbal techniques.

Susan is very proud to have co-founded Child’s Voice, the only Oral School for the deaf in Northern Illinois.