The Clubhouse Workshops

Paying it forward to our community

The Clubhouse is proud to offer an array of workshops at no cost to families with children suspected or diagnosed with speech/language or feeding disorders.

We also offer free or reduced price workshops to our community partners – schools, day care centers, universities and other organizations that touch the lives of our kids with challenges in communication.

Parents click here to request notification of upcoming workshops.

Community partners – click here to request a customized workshop for your staff.

Examples of  Speech/Language/Feeding Workshops include:

  • Language is Child’s Play: This workshop describes how speech and language development can be enhanced from infancy through early school years by simply knowing how everyday interactions can change from merely incidental learning to engaged and supported enrichment of language skills.
  • Feeding – Challenges of the Picky Eater: Picky eating is frequently misunderstood.  When is picky eating actually “Problem Feeding”?  When is intervention needed?  What can be done to help expand a child’s food repertoire?  And just as importantly – what should we avoid doing?
  • Hear to Play: For parents of children with hearing loss, this workshop brings families together to share information and support one another.  We demonstrate how to facilitate your child’s communication skills through everyday interactions and answer questions.
  • Literacy and Language: The intricate relationship between verbal language and reading is described and families are given a framework with which to view their struggling reader’s journey.  Fun activities are demonstrated and families leave with a better understanding of how to select the most effective intervention for their chld.
  • Customized Workshops: The Clubhouse if frequently called upon to train the staffs of other organizations.  Contact us to design a workshop for your staff or membership.
  • Sensory WorkshopsLearn more tab