Clubhouse Sensory Workshops

These valuable workshops are presented throughout the year by our OT Chair – Natalie Loewe, MS, OTR/L and our OT staff.


  • Free for parents of kids with suspected or confirmed sensory deficits. This is one way that we “pay it forward”.
  • Nominal charge of $40 for professionals which includes Early Intervention credit.

Location:  Offered at Downers Grove and Chicago

Dates and Times:  Ongoing throughout the year.

Call 630-495-6800 to reserve your spot in the next sensory workshop!

Organizations:  Contact us to request a customized workshop for your staff.

What Is Going On With My Child?

 Introduction to Sensory Integration  

This workshop will help you to understand our eight senses and Sensory Integration Disorder:

  • Join in discussion with other parents and professionals regarding our joint struggles and successes
  • Learn strategies to help you and your child understand and respond to world around them in a more positive way

Pots, spoons, couch cushions, oh my!

How to enrich your 
child’s sensory diet with household items.

  • Learn how to use everyday household objects to create a sensory diet
  • Practical solutions to help you carryover therapist’s suggestions in your home
  • Occupational therapists explain why activities are helpful in a sensory diet

Sensory or Behavior…

Why is my Child Acting this Way?

  • Learn the underlying reasons for challenging behaviors, including the impact of sensory integration dysfunction.
  • Guidelines for determining if the challenging behavior is sensory based or strictly ‘behavioral’ . Knowing the difference is critical!
  • Suggestions for working through challenging behaviors, whatever the reason

Sensory Strategies to Improve

Attention Span & Focus

  • Increase awareness of factors and situations that impact attention span and focus for the infant, toddler, young child and includes strategies to help this population develop and succeed
  • Effective and easy activities will be demonstrated
  • Professionals will learn how to pass this information along to families so that they are 
empowered to help their kids succeed