The Clubhouse has a long history of partnerships with local Schools and Cooperatives.  We pride ourselves on quality and being a local trusted source for our Chicago and Suburban partners.

High Quality Placements:  The Clubhouse places staff therapists within private and public schools to help fill in gaps that occasionally exist.

Economically Responsible: The Clubhouse has been long respected by Districts for their partnership in addressing the very real concerns in this economic climate.

IEE’s: Independent Educational Evaluations  The Clubhouse is available to act in the capacity of an unbiased third party evaluator, using skilled therapists who understand both District and Family concerns.

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Bilingual Evaluations:  The Clubhouse is one of the few providers of Arabic bilingual evaluations and we also provide Spanish evaluations.

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Individual Contracted Client Services:  The Clubhouse has years of experience in helping schools with individual student needs. We understand IEP’s and often assist our schools in ensuring that these needs are met.

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