Give your child the EDGE

Enhanced Development through Group Experiences

What is the EDGE?

The EDGE is a therapeutic small group experience which is designed and delivered by highly skilled therapists. The EDGE model incorporates:

  1. Small, structured group therapy for your child where they develop skills with their peers.
  2. Parent networking and training
  3. Empowerment Time:  Parent – Child – Therapist interactive time to allow the family to learn and become a part of the therapy.
  4. Home follow-through ideas – the key to effective change.

Why choose the Clubhouse small group therapy?

Economical: The EDGE model is able to offer all of these services each week for much less than the cost of an hour of traditional therapy.

Communication is the cornerstone of human interaction.  The EDGE groups the critical communication with caregivers while therapeutically guiding the children to develop their skills with peers.

Effective: Therapists are not magicians who change the lives of children via isolated sessions each week. However, real magic does occur when therapists empower the family to incorporate professional strategies throughout the daily activities each week. This is the key ingredient to the Clubhouse EDGE model.

Multidisciplinary Support: The Clubhouse is home to multiple professional disciplines, and we incorporate all of the knowledge into our groups.

Parent Networking: Our parents bond with each other and form a community of networking and exchange of ideas. Parents leave with increased confidence, real working knowledge and ideas from other parents.  As the mother of special needs children, the Clubhouse CEO knows first hand that sometimes that most valuable advice we can get is through other parents.

Types of Groups

Let’s face it – if kids don’t have some fun in the group, they aren’t going to get the maximum benefit! From the moment you enter the “Clubhouse”, you and your child will feel the difference.  From the Clubhouse Café to our exciting gym, it’s all designed with kids in mind. But don’t let the environment fool you – we’re serious about our therapy and outcomes and secure only highly qualified staff to be on the Clubhouse Team.

Feeding “The Snack Pack” Group

There are picky eaters, and then there are PICKY EATERS!! Parents are often distressed by finicky eating, especially when it starts to interfere with nutrition. Sometimes, feeding problems are the result of sensory or motor-based feeding issues. This group meets in our bright and cheerful “Clubhouse Café,” where Speech Pathologists and/or Occupational Therapists maximize the positive influence of peers to help children develop all new eating habits.

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The Social Think Tanks (Groups for ages 5-18)

This social communication program is based on the awesome work of Michelle Garcia Winner’s Social Thinking. Designed for children and adolescents who are experiencing difficulty with interpersonal communication with peers. The kids are helped to develop important social and “friendship” skills, such as turn taking and reciprocity, understanding the perspective of others, body language recognition, topic maintenance and other skills which lead to greater success in social language situations.

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Reading rocks!

Speech/Language Pathologists are highly trained to diagnose and treat many of the fundamental difficulties that result in reading difficulties. “Practice” alone does not result in improvement when children are struggling due to an underlying deficit in phonology or language. We take off where the regular classroom curriculum ends and dig deeper into the root cause – and cure – of the reading disorder. Free screenings are provided.

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Chatter Club:

Speech and language set in play, with theme-based classes that focus on increasing expressive communication and sound production. Ages 2-8; Speech Pathology

Body Talk!

Development of Language, motor skills and sensory integration is the focus of this group. Our Speech and Occupational Therapists collaborate to work on emerging level skills through a structured small group setting. Picture schedules, music, gym time, and circle time help this little crowd to get ready for school! Ages 2-4

Friendship, Fun and Games

“Pragmatics in Action” is adapted for younger kids. In this group, children participate in fun and games while our Speech Therapists guide them in refining their peer interaction skills like turn taking, dealing with winning and losing, “chatting”, perspective taking, respecting the feelings of others, and self-regulation. Participants should be able to function independently (without Ages 3-5 (Contact us for other periodic age level offernings)

Karate for Every-Body

This program uses the excitement of Tae Kwon Do as a tool for physical and emotional development. Our martial arts instructor works together with our Physical or Occupational Therapist to create a dynamic program appropriate for all children that emphasizes coordination, balance, bilateral movement, motor planning, and strength. In addition, the structure and “art” of martial arts provides the children with an engaging format for development of focus, attention, socialization and self-control skills.

Handwriting Groups

Learn printing with a positive outlook and cursive with a smile! For some children the most frustrating part of school is having a head full of wonderful, creative ideas but no way to express them on paper. This unique handwriting program incorporates nationality recognized programs and our own expertise to provide the best possible experience for kids.

Registration and Payment for Clubhouse Groups

Each group runs for a specific number of weeks. This allows the Clubhouse to carefully plan and staff according to the needs of the children in the group. It also allows for the critical peer interaction to develop in the group. Most services are eligible for insurance reimbursement. Pre-Registration for EDGE groups is required. CONTACT US for information about times and costs.